iProtean—Diverse Strategies Show Promise

For this week’s blog post, we feature a recent update from DGA Partners in its New + Noteworthy feature. Dan Grauman, President & CEO of DGA Partners, appears in many of iProtean’s Finance and Mission & Strategy courses.


We are on the road interviewing experts for several new advanced courses:  Governance of Integrated Care Systems, Committee Effectiveness, Changing/Emerging Models of Governance and the Importance of Physician Leadership.  Our regular blog will resume next week.


New + Noteworthy, DGA Partners, April 2013

As health providers adapt to health reform and an increasingly competitive marketplace, strategic responses are starting to come into focus.  Some say there will be one successful model, but we are seeing diverse strategies that show some promise.  One group of hospitals and health systems is focusing on developing the capabilities to manage population health, looking to new revenue models that reward quality improvement and lower population health costs.  Many of these are integrated health systems with employed or aligned physicians.


Another group is holding to a more conventional volume-focused strategy, with the support of investment in physician alignment.  In many cases, physician employment is securing the health system revenue stream.  Both of these strategies are potentially viable, depending on the local market.


However, hospitals and health systems will need to keep an eye on two potentially disruptive niche players:  1) physician groups who are rewarded by payers for managing population health and 2) low cost providers that payers encourage/incent patients to use.


Both of these niche strategies are being accelerated by insurers seeking to reduce premiums for products on insurance exchanges.  Narrow or tiered network products and benefits plans with high deductibles can make consumers more cost conscious.  The result could be significant market share shifts in highly profitable services, and resulting financial difficulty for high cost health systems.



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iProtean Symposium & Workshop

Mark the Date!! October 2 – 4, 2013 at The Lodge at Torrey Pines, La Jolla, CA. Faculty: Michael Irwin (Citigroup), Todd Sagin, M.D., J.D. (Sagin Healthcare Consulting), Dan Grauman (DGA Partners), Pam Knecht (ACCORD LIMITED), Barry Bader (Bader & Associates), Ed Kazemek (ACCORD LIMITED).  For more information, click here.


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